Photo Credit: Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks

Inspired by the doily wall art pictured above (click to be taken to article), I’ve started on making some doilies of my own for the walls of the guest room/study. One doily down, using this pattern, maybe two or three more to go? I’d like them all to be a bit different, sort of as a sampler. If you have a favorite doily pattern, please share it with me!

Instead of buying canvas, I’m considering using sheets of cardboard (of which we have plenty) as the backing. We live near a large stationery store (the source of last entry’s yarn), so nice paper backing and a decent color of acrylic paint are easy to get as well.

I’d love to share a photo with you, but one of my cameras refuses to turn on and the batteries for the other refuse to charge. Hmph.

Hopefully I’ll have a working camera soon and can show you progress in my next post!