The yarn is all packed away. While boxing it up, I noticed I had one more ball left of the grey-brown wool Gene’s mom bought for me last summer. Last summer, I dyed the five other skeins – one each of blue, bright green, teal/green, light green and maroon.

In an impulsive moment, I decided to see what kool-aid I had left in the cupboard and to dye it with whatever was in there. Two of orange, one each of grape and lemonade, and 3/4 of a blue packet that turned out to be red colored. Brown yarn wasn’t particularly exciting, so I left out the grape and mixed all the rest together.

Soaking in water before dyeing:

Just placed in the dye bath:

Dye absorbed, water clear:

Drying on the back porch:

No, I haven’t a clue what I’ll do with this fuzzy muppet orange. It’s already balled and stored away like the rest of my yarn, so I have a year during which to come up with a plan.