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This was a Pinterest find that took some work wandering through a few foreign language blogs (mostly Spanish) before I came across a chart for the lace. It works up really quickly, which I deeply appreciated when my next door neighbor asked me, on Wednesday morning, if I’d make one for her daughter. They were leaving for Europe on Friday morning and I move before they’d get back, so I delivered it to her on Thursday night, saying another goodbye – something which I’ll be doing a lot of in the coming weeks.

I’d made the one above in mid-June, but never got around to posting it. It’s made from thread leftover from a bedspread made as a wedding gift for my grandma over 60 years ago. Lovely cotton yarn, soft and shiny. I blocked it on our shared back porch, push-pinned into the wood, where my neighbor saw it.

The second one actually turned out better because I blocked it with cornstarch water instead of sugar water. And I used non-antique cotton yarn which holds its shape better than the older stuff. Less sentimental value, but the neighbors’ baby isn’t even two. She won’t mind.

Bonkers, however, minded a great deal when I tried to get a photo before giving it away.