What a title, right?

So, the neighbors across the street from me have had a sad little statue of a girl in their front lawn for the past few years. Why sad? Her arms were lost at some point, but still she stands. This past year, the neighbors have moved out while their house is being gutted and entirely redone, but still she stands there in the sun, lonely and armless.

Monday evening, in about an hour, I worked up this little sunhat – improvised, no pattern, but it’s simple enough to figure out (and if pressed, I can probably write out what I did into a pattern).

Yesterday morning, I chanced visiting their yard and found it, for once, not filled with contractors and their vans or my neighbors in the process of cleaning it out yet again. Perfect!

Knowing them, I think they’ll find it funny – and I know I’ll be delighted every time I walk past and see it, for as long as it can stay on her head.