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For being in the doldrums, I’ve actually been pretty successfully working away at my crochet to-do list. I finished the second spiderweb hat and mailed it off to Lex.

I crocheted another Pipistrelle Purse, this time for Gene’s sister. All the crochet is done, but it needs to be lined and have a zipper sewn in. Not sure when I’ll get to that part of the process.

I admit, the prospect of having only the knitted scarf, the grocery bags, and the granny square blanket left to work on was too much to bear, so I started a spiderweb style scarf that I might send to Lex if I like it enough. I’m trying to get some black nubby acrylic out of my stash (same yarn as the spiderweb hat) and this web scarf is working up very quickly. Unfortunately, it may only use up 2 of the 3 balls I have left.

What do you think of it so far? I think I’m 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through with it.