Unfortunately, I think it’s the sense of urgency that I need to finish my existing projects before I move that has made them kind of a drag. Which defeats the purpose of trying to get them all finished, isn’t it?

I think what’s happened is that they’ve become work to me, not relaxation. I can’t pick up other projects because I know I’ll need to finish them by the end of August, AND I’ll be spending time on them instead of the ones I already have begun.

I don’t think this means that they’ll all languish in the closet while I agonize about whether or not I can be bothered to work on them or not. I just need to pick something up and remember how pleasant it can be to put another few rows onto something after a day of writing about heavy things. And then there’s the reward of updating the project on Ravelry and writing about it here to cap off a successful finish.

For now, here’s a newly completed center for a square in my blanket.