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So what have I been doing since I can’t find the urge to get excited about anything?

Wool dryer balls, based on instructions found here.

Dryer balls help to reduce static without using dryer sheets. They also help to reduce drying time by helping to separate the clothes as they tumble around and bounce about. At minimum, you need three per dryer. I have six completed ones so far and about 6 more going through the felting process in old nylons on their way to becoming functional balls.

I sorted and organized my yarn stash over the past few days, looking for those missing earring hooks. No earring hooks, but I found plenty of wool yarn either in little scrap balls or in colors I’m not really interested in making anything more out of anymore. It’s that yarn that’s going into these balls – remnants of old sweaters now tumbling around in the warm embrace of the dryers that were denied to them in life. (oh goodness, all this writing I’ve been doing for my dissertation is making me loopy, isn’t it?)

Last Thanksgiving, I promised Aunt Mary a set of these. Hopefully when I have nine for myself (three dryers in the basement here), I’ll be able to send a few to her soon.