Time to pick this back up again.

After finishing erin and Janelle’s scarves, I haven’t been particularly excited about any of my works-in-progress. What ongoing projects do I have?

1. Granny square blanket – getting so close, I’m really less than 30 squares from the end. Working on it requires close attention to my spreadsheet at this point, so the color centers can’t be done casually. Then I have 144×4 ends to sew in, and then 144 squares to arrange, stitch together, and then those ends to sew in!

2. Grant’s knitted scarf – not because I don’t like this scarf. You’ve all heard this from me enough to say it along with me now: “Knitting is boring.”

3. Plastic grocery bags – ugh, this has been dormant for months again. I need to make a bunch more plarn.

4. Earrings for Sara and Mary Ella – the motifs have been done for weeks, but I can’t find my earring hooks. Last night I finally gave up and ordered more. Guess I’ll be making earrings for years to come!

5. Spider snood, for Lex: This needs about 4 more rows around the brim and then for me to send an email off asking for her new address. I could probably finish this tonight, honestly. Alright, I will.

Outstanding projects: a pipistrelle purse for Gene’s sister, another set of spiderweb gloves,

Have I forgotten anyone? Remind me, please!