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Two days after passing my dissertation proposal defense, I headed up north to a huge annual rummage sale at a community center. This year, I tried to get a good night of sleep beforehand and eat well before setting off so as not to repeat last year’s mistakes. Last year it was pathetic – I came away from the sale with only a vest, a top, a skirt, and some yarn because I was too tired and hungry to focus on the giant piles of clothes.

This year – well, I did eat well beforehand – but Gossy and I managed not sleep too well because she spent the night wearing a cone and wandering sadly about getting stuck on things. Shortly before I’d planned to go to bed, she started scratching at her face and clawing at her ear. Since there was no chance of taking her to the vet at 10pm, Gene ingeniously constructed a cone out of a file folder and her old collar while I held her down and got her allergy medicine into her ear.

Sad Gossy. Tired Kate. But in the morning, used clothing still called to me, so after a large cup of coffee, off I went!

The good news:
I came home with 5 dresses, 4 skirts (one was a gift for a friend), 2 blouses, some yarn for the granny square blanket, and a fabulous vintage umbrella to replace the crappy Chinese one that broke on me in the rain earlier in the week. And spent only $27.

I won’t bore you with pictures of all my finds, but here are my favorites (Although it seems I’ve forgotten to take a picture of my umbrella. I’ll do that later.)

Vintage dress – 60s? ($3) (and yes, it desperately needs to be ironed)

100% silk dress ($3)

Cotton blouse with pockets! ($3)