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So although I’m trying to clear out my yarn stash instead of adding to it, (you know where this is going already, don’t you?) I couldn’t resist this 100% Shetland wool vest in a pile of free clothes left behind after a neighbor’s move.

I’m not an orange person. Yes, I know I said that about florescent turquoise too and now want my own scarf, but I’m sure about my color preference this time. Right now, I’m fixated on the idea of using it to make some of the other lacy scarf patterns I had considered when researching for the blue scarf. Mom, do you want an autumn colored scarf for this fall?

I think I can get two medium sized scarves, like the blue one, out of this vest. I’m excited to try. As of yesterday, I’m supposed to start on wrist strengthening exercises to help with my tendinitis, so I think I’ll start slowly back into crochet as well.