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One thing I’m terrible at keeping track of, especially all winter, is where my tube of chap stick has gotten to. I’ve lost more tubes than I can remember. Ever since the student health center stopped keeping a bowl of them for free near the check in, replacing them has gotten expensive!

When I found this recipe for home made chap stick, my curiosity was piqued. With some birthday money from my parents, I ordered my supplies and used a small fraction of them to make six tubes worth. Now there’s one in my purse, one in my school bag, one on my desk, one on my dresser, and one in my winter coat pocket! (And one that I seem to have already lost track of, unsurprisingly.)

I added a tiny bit of peppermint essential oil to the mixture which, when combined with the cocoa butter, makes them smell slightly of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now that I’ve experimented with the recipe once, I know I want to tweak it and make it less oily, probably increasing the proportion of beeswax and cocoa butter to olive oil and coconut oil. Definitely some more peppermint. Maybe one or two tubes tinted with a few shavings of lipstick. Any other ideas?