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The scarf is finished! Late Wednesday afternoon, sitting on a park bench in the waning sunshine, the scent of flowers nearly overwhelming, I determined that I’d added enough width and started on the three row pointed border. Later that evening, I wet blocked the scarf. I hurried the process along with steam from the iron, a once over with the hairdryer, and then pointed a fan at it for a few hours.

I’ve never wet blocked anything before because Gossy and Bonkers like to steal the pins and behave in a typically catlike destructive manner. Since I wanted sharp points and haven’t had the best results with steam blocking before, I decided to take the risk. After shooing the nuisances away a few times, they got the idea and settled on a nearby table to observe the process. Cats are weird.

I love it! I can’t say I expected to since bright turquoise isn’t really in my wardrobe palette, but I’m seriously contemplating making a second of these scarves for myself out of the remaining yarn.

The yarn isn’t totally colorfast, it still lost a little blue when I soaked it in water and conditioner and then rinsed it for blocking. It’s not much, but I’ll have to include a warning not to wear it in rainy weather over a light colored shirt.

Yes, I’m wearing a wrist brace in the photo above. It definitely slowed down my progress on the scarf. Now that it’s finished, I’ll be better about following the doctor’s prescription for “conservative rest” that’s supposed to help the tendinitis that’s been bothering me for a couple months now. I’m pretty sure it’s exercise related rather than from crocheting, but extra rest won’t hurt. How many days do you think I can go without crochet before I start going crazy from idleness?