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I have spring fever, I think. It’s inevitable, just look at the brightness that greets me each day on my walk to school!

With spring fever comes startitis! So instead of knitting another few rows on that fall scarf yesterday afternoon, I started a project I’ve been waiting to get to for months now.

Remember the bright bright blue sweater front I dyed last fall? It’s going to become a little shawl/scarf for a friend. The yarn makes me think of her and the bright, cheery colors she dresses in every time we meet – from her bright yellow beret to her red winter coat and her rainbow collection of scarves. It shouldn’t take me more than a few days in this simple pattern (link here) to make something just big enough to wrap around the neck to take off the chill that still creeps into the air at night. Or, you know, when spring returns to its regularly scheduled programming and turns gray and rainy for weeks on end.