I’m at 100 unique squares for my crazy granny square blanket project. Making the squares is still a lot of fun and I’m sure the remaining 44 will go by quickly if I dedicate myself to the project. Of course, since it’s such a long term project, I need something with more immediate satisfaction – something I’d been resisting for a while now, instead focusing on finishing up more works-in-progress and plodding away on the big things.

I cast on another knit scarf, this one far simpler than the last, which I’ve told Grant I’ll complete for him sometime before fall. Another long term project. The yarn, I’m happy to say, didn’t come new from the store but came out of another Raveler’s stash – a grad student from somewhere out east who put it up for sale.

Grant also needed a cover for his mp3 player so I offered to work up something like I’d done for mine (post here) but in an even more sedate color. The problem was that with all my worsted acrylic spoken for by the granny square blanket for the time being, what yarn options did that leave me with?

I hit upon using some grey-green aran weight (slightly thicker than worsted) acrylic yarn that Gene’s mother bought for me in Tunisia (!) a couple years ago. It’s a beautiful color but when I tried making myself a cardigan out of it, the resulting fabric was stiff and uncooperative. I filed it away in the back of my stash as something appropriate for a bag or lap blanket someday, which is where I found it early last week. Grant’s mp3 player cover took about an hour and is a perfect fit. (And, in his words, “the color is great as well. drab green. you know me so well.”)

I responded, “Hey, I like that color!” In fact, working on that little mp3 player sleeve was so satisfying that I immediately started in on a little “instant gratification” project (instant in crochet being a few hours of work) and made myself a purse.

I can’t praise this pattern enough and the purse I made is perfect. It even fit my current daily-use notebook AND the slim book I was reading for dissertation research, so on Friday I left my school bag at home and just carried everything I needed to the library in this little bag.

I’d like to put a lining and a zipper in it eventually, but for now it works just fine with just the button across the top. You can find the pattern here and make one for yourself!