The risk with spending time on Pinterest, as some of you might know, is that it’s easy to get so tied up in finding exciting new ideas that one never takes the time to try them out.

And if I allow myself to fill my boards with too many interesting things, I’m likely to never find them again. These instructions for making decorative bows from magazine pages (I used old maps) nearly did get lost. I don’t know what led me back to this pin, but I’m really glad I tried it out.

I’ve made three bows so far. One went on my cousin’s wedding gift. Another was affixed to the bottle of wine I brought my generous host who put us up the night after the wedding. The last sits on top of my desk, waiting for another present to send it on its way. It’s worth noting that I didn’t have the “glue dots” (whatever those may be) that the instructions called for, so just used Elmer’s School Glue. Worked just as well for me!

These are intensely satisfying and easy little things to make. I suggest you give it a try!