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I think it’s quite clear that I love granny squares. But what about granny circles?
When this cotton placemat pattern came out last summer, I knew I wanted to make a set out of cotton from a sweater I had started to unravel. This turned into making a set of four as a gift for my cousin and his fiance, who are getting married this Saturday!

I really hope they like them. Considering how tempted I’ve been all along to steal them for myself, I’m going to include a return policy with them – if they don’t fit with your decor, send them back to me and I’ll make a replacement present for your home! And if that doesn’t bring them back to me, I think I’ll have to make my own set.

Here’s one, with a thrift store martini glass and thrift store china plate rounding out the recycled still life:

Please note the magnificent ducks on the martini glass! Gene’s mother found 7 small ones and 2 tiny ones at a thrift store up north. I assume the full set had 8 and 8? Either way, they’re marvelous and I’d like to use them to host a wine tasting party someday since the glasses hold a perfect 2oz.

The plate I bought in college when I needed dishes. I bought four large plates, two small ones, and two bowls for $1 a piece and I’m still kicking myself every time I look at them for not buying the entire set. What was I thinking? Looking online for these plates shows they’re $35+ EACH. AUGH!

Pictures like the one I posted above this make me exceptionally happy. Having pretty things does not require spending large amounts of money to fuel unsustainable production. It was sometime last spring when I decided not to buy new clothes for a year. I think I’ll try my best to continue that for another year. After all, I wore a $1 dress to a fashion show last week, so clearly I’m finding nice thrifted things.