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This is it – last of the Christmas crafts! While I made my brother something else (a failed attempt at a laptop case) and published a set of my father’s hymns in limited edition accordion booklets, I came down to the last minute on them and ended up without photos.

This was intended as a birthday present, as I told you back in September when I gleefully wrote about the pink yarn. Which, by the way, I still have in abundance and I don’t quite know what do with all of it.

I set the project down when life got too overwhelming to concentrate on chart reading, picking it up again only a week or so before Christmas when we were both back home. It was actually much easier than I’d remembered it being when I started it the second time, so the remaining 2.5 panels didn’t take long at all. On Christmas, I gave the Cube to him unfinished – because my stuffing was back in America and the added bulk in his luggage would have been a hindrance, not a gift.

When he arrived back for school a couple weeks later, however, the Cube was waiting for him on his bed at Gene’s parents’ place. So far he tells me that the stuffing is holding up well, so I’m most pleased!