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Let’s back up to Christmas for a moment, if you don’t mind.

I made my mother another of the framed lace pieces for holding earrings. In return, well, not intentionally, she gave me 100 hooks for making earrings.

But first, the third lace pattern I’ve used. I love leaf motifs.

So with those earring hooks, I’ve gone on to make about half a dozen pairs of crocheted earring motifs. The free pattern for the more complicated one can be found here.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the size 10 crochet cotton I’m using is actually too thick for the delicate kind of lace I’m looking for. The next step is to use some thinner laceweight yarn (well, thread, really) or doubled sewing thread with my tiniest hook, and then block the motifs stiff with starch or sugar water. The prospect of this is intimidating enough to make me wait awhile before attempting another pair.