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This story begins in the summer of 2011.

One of the owners of my local produce market, Ronnie, has fallen in love with my recycled plastic crocheted bags. I posted a photo early in the summer of the one bag I made for him, nearly a year after his initial request.

The next time I ran into him he asked if I might make him some more. Ronnie’s entire family wants bags, apparently. When I confessed I had no more bags to cut into yarn, he presented me with a huge trash bag full of his store’s bags. Oh dear.

It took me a long weekend to get the handles and bases cut off all the bags. I managed to get all of one color cut into strips and made into enough yarn for two bags. The first, I sold to him back in July 2011. Then life got in the way and the second, pictured below, didn’t make its way to him until yesterday.

New goal – make a plarn grocery bag in under six months. Perhaps by Easter?