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I’m slowly working on this massive project. At last count, I had 67 squares of the 144 I’ll need for a 6′ by 6′ blanket. The problem I’ve made for myself is that I don’t want any repeated squares. When I started, this was easy to keep track of by going through my already worked squares and verifying no repeats. Later, I removed the squares that included a color I’d used up already from my stack of comparison squares. Despite that, at this point the remaining squares with the yarn potential to be repeated are too many to conveniently sort through on a regular basis.

So what do I do now? Spreadsheet!

I’ve noted down all the colors in order and posted a link to a photo of each square, just in case I don’t trust my notation. Alphabetizing it by center color helps me see gaps in my color schema. There are two minor problems with this system, however.

1) I have counted 67 squares, but somehow I only recorded and photographed 65. Drat.
2) I have so many shades of blue that the terms “mid blue” and “light blue” each refer to three kinds of yarn, I think.

I’d also like to make this blanket without purchasing any new yarn. The color centers should be easy to accomplish with this stipulation, but the black border is going to be more difficult. Not many people list acrylic for sale/trade on Ravelry and those that have don’t respond to my offers to buy it. I might go to ebay next to search out some. I think my point in this complication is that I’d like to make this blanket entirely from yarn no one really wants anymore, not yarn I have to buy from a store and thus fuel demand for new yarn while tons of unused acrylic goes wasted. I’ll deal with that problem later. First – I need 77 more unique centers!