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Lately, I am trying to finish a handful of projects that have been lounging about for months now, nearly completed but abandoned from boredom or the lack of motivation to solve little problems that cropped up in finishing.

The poor little orange kitten that I wrote about last year sat around in a box for months, waiting for me to sew its nose on to fix the whiskers in place. Its yarn whiskers look like a silly mustache, but I doubt three-year-old Edie will care.

Little green kitten, begun for Sara in August, was nearly finished as well by early December, but for attaching the ears and whiskers. Quite fittingly, it’s made from the same yarn as her boyfriend Jan’s cthulhu. I used crochet cotton for the whiskers and stiffened them with sugar water, like my Gramma taught me, and I think they look better.

Lastly, and most embarrassingly, I finished a scarf that I’d begun in January 2010. It’s made of 100% alpaca yarn that came from one of the first sweaters I unraveled. First, I made the long light grey rectangle (which took me over a year), after which (two days ago) I added the dark grey stripes with surface crochet. Back in April I’d run into some problems spacing the stripes so I abandoned the project for something more interesting until it started nagging at me to be finished. Gene wore it almost immediately after I finished sewing in all the ends and pronounced it a nice scarf, so that’s gratifying.