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It’s good to be back in my kitchen after winter break at my parents’ and then the mini-break last weekend of a 4 day trip to Florida. Though it’s taken time to restock the fridge and plan out meals, I’ve managed to try a few new things and make some permanent additions to my commonly used cycle of recipes.

I caught a cold on my flights back from home and so made myself cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese pitas one night as a kind of warm, comfortable meal. Sadly, I couldn’t taste a thing. Gene tells me the soup was good so I believe him and plan on making it again soon.

This week I tried making three new things – roasted broccoli and cheddar soup, lentil balls with lemon pesto (sounds gross, actually was quite delicious), and my very first pie from scratch. I also made two old favorites – kale chips and beer bread (from Joy of Cooking).

Yes, I tried making a pie. A berry pie with frozen berries, following a recipe in Joy of Cooking. It came out very juicy. Like pie soup. Tasty, tangy sweet raspberry, blueberry, blackberry pie soup, but soup all the same. All things considered, I think it was a success for a first try. The crust wasn’t rock hard, the flavors were correct and the berries a nice treat for midwinter.

I’ll need to do more research before I try it again, but first, I need to finish this slice of pie.