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I’m headed to warmer climes this coming Thursday, leaving Gene behind with the cats and cold. There are plenty of crocheted things here to keep him warm, but what about things to keep him company?

I’ve put together some small presents for him to open each day after he finishes the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar on the 25th. A bag of cookies, a pack of his favorite licorice, some lavender soap, a set of cat related magnetic poetry, and then this, a little friend.

The pattern can be found here.

The dark green yarn is some Caron acrylic that my friend Janelle found when she was cleaning out her childhood bedroom. It’s your average worsted acrylic. The light green I bought at the beginning of summer to make Jan’s birthday present. It’s Red Heart Soft Yarn Solids, and it’s terrible to work with using a small hook. It’s soft, yes, but it splits if you take your eyes off your work for even a second. I’m not sure how it crochets with a larger hook, but it’s nearly impossible with an E (3.5mm) hook.

Still worth the frustration, however. This little guy is so ridiculously cute!