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I enjoy browsing filet crochet charts, but the tedium of actually working on filet is usually enough to prevent me from wanting to make anything I see.

(I can only assume this is a velociraptor.)

So yes, there are some cute animals – and fine, the cat may someday show up in something I make.

But the dachshund is a bit odd, and then what I started to notice after this is that the pattern book feels very German – which I imagine would have put a damper on its popularity from 1914 onwards.

How German?

That German. This was published in Boston, MA, however, so I’m left wondering what audience these patterns would have been aimed at. One theory, however, is just that the German coat of arms made it in because it looked interesting. Like how the yin-yang symbol gets emblazoned across all kinds of consumer crap without consideration of its origin. There appear to be some skinny looking rampant lions/gargoyles and a couple elephants (ripping off the emblem of the Danish Order of the Elephant?) included without explanation either. It would be unfair of me to assume that popular culture was more conscious with its images back then than it is now.

View the whole pattern book for free here.