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If only!

It’s tough getting back to work after break for Thanksgiving. Sitting down to a late dinner tonight, I decided to browse vintage crochet books – never imagining it would turn into a series of blog posts.

What set me off was this pattern description for a cotton skirt:

26 inch waist, yes.
46 inch hips? What?! Some poking around online tells me that bustles were out by 1908, but I’m going to make two assumptions here.
1) Crochet has never been particularly fashion forward.
2) Layers of skirts and petticoats may still have bumped hips out by a lot, even without a bustle.

Also, I am still a bit skeptical patterns for crocheted skirts, whether they be from 1908 or 2008, and particularly ones that are very lacy. Would a fashionable(ish) lady of 1908 wear this over her dress/skirt? What context would it work in?

The pattern book left me with a couple other gems, of course.
If I make this, whenever I work on it I’ll be fascinating, right?

She’d fit right in with the dissatisfied looking models for Lion Brand, wouldn’t she?

Perfect for a little one you love this Christmas:

Read the whole book to yourself here.