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I redyed the sweater front with lots more blue and left it simmering on the stove for an hour or more. The next day, after rinsing it out and leaving it on the radiator to dry, I had this:

So blue it makes my bright blue tights look muted!

It was kind of a pain to unravel since it had started to felt a bit, especially at the cables. The yarn broke a lot, so that means a lot of ends to sew in when it comes time for me to make something out of it.

I do like how the dye didn’t completely cover the white. I have so much solid color yarn it’s refreshing to have something variegated.

I’m envisioning a small shawl, or maybe more accurately, a triangular scarf.
Something like the Elise shawl, or even simpler – like a granny triangle with a fancier edging. It’s hard to imagine myself wearing a scarf so bright, so I’m thinking it might be a gift for one of my more fashionable friends.