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So, while no actual progress has been made on the hood, I need to update you on some amazing responses I’ve had to my post and a comment I left for Melissa Horozewski about my confusion with the marguerite stitch.

First, the hood pattern listing popped up on Ravelry on either the same day or the day after my post. It includes a lovely note about how the schematic drawing in the book doesn’t reflect the curve that the fabric will develop.

I then left a comment for Melissa on the pattern page explaining my confusion with uneven edges I was getting. I had a painstakingly detailed response from her the next day, complete with pictures of how her edges worked out so that I can compare them with my work. Not only that, this past Thursday she sent me another note with a video tutorial so I can see how the stitch works in action.

Here’s a link to the video: 5 star marguerite stitch

Readers, Melissa is amazing. Even though I probably have to unravel the 12 rows I have so far on the hood, now I know for sure I can get it right on the next try.

So, if you had any interest in buying Austentatious Crochet, maybe it will help to know that the author is a fantastic person as well as a creative pattern designer.