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In need of a little distraction a few weeks ago, I made an impulse purchase on Amazon. To the tune of $11, thankfully. This crochet book: Austentatious Crochet . It’s a lovely pattern book with a clever premise: if Jane Austen had crocheted, what might she have made? I imagined lots of shawls, which the women in the TV versions of Austen’s books always seem to be wearing, but Melissa Horozewski has a much better imagination than I do.

I immediately wanted to make this hood out of red wool.

Image from Austentatious Crochet, Amazon preview. Photography by Chris Hynes

Thing is, I’ve run into a problem and the pattern and book are so new that Ravelry discussions haven’t come up about things yet. Actually, this pattern isn’t even on Ravelry yet, although you can find some of the others from the book up there.

This is the diagram for how the hood is supposed to be shaped:

This is how my fabric looks so far:

I love the Marguerite Stitch and I’d really like for this pattern to work out. I just can’t figure out how to counteract the slanting I’m getting on either side.

Like so:

Shouldn’t they line up so that when I sew the back seam, I end up with even sides around the edges? Is it all just supposed to even out in the blocking process?