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Going thrifting with the lovely Ms. Potter this Friday, in part as a reward for getting through the next 25 hours. I have a grant application due tomorrow night that I honestly should have started on about a month ago, but guess what? I started it last week. Yeah, that isn’t going to go so well unless I suddenly become a perfectly charming and articulate writer.

I want to get a some picture frames so I can make earring holders with lace samples. I’m looking around online for a photo but haven’t really come across one I like.

That’s one from Austentatious Crochet – a book that’s a subject for a future post, actually – but I’d like to try a few different kinds of openwork lace, likely ones I’ll find on mypicot.com.

I’ll look for sweaters to unravel, of course, but I need to be really picky. I have a lot of yarn (I wouldn’t mind an alot of yarn, however) already and don’t need to get anything that’s of mediocre fiber composition or looks difficult to unravel.

Also, I want to look at men’s shirts for patterned fabric that I can use in sewing. I have a purse project that I really want to find time to complete. I have some fabric, but nothing really interesting enough.

Any other crafting materials I’m forgetting about?