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I’m amazed that after a two month hiatus, I return to find I’m still getting traffic at this blog at all. Hello again, everyone!

Goodness, has my non-crochet life gotten busy. I have a couple works in progress and have even finished some small things, however.

Very small things.

Baby things, actually.

I made a vest for Marina who lives next door and turned one nearly a month ago.
The pattern is available through Ravelry, link here. I loved the red (recycled) and grey (new, a gift from Corrine) together, and then someone at the birthday party pointed out that they’re our school colors. Oh. Those of you who know me know that I haven’t been into school spirit since I was about 11. Oops.

Sometime in early September, I promised a pair of wool cardigans to the twins (well, their mother, Bonnie), planning on whipping them up within a week using my favorite Hexagon Jacket pattern. I mailed them off last Friday, so as you can see, that didn’t happen. I used more of the blue wool that I thought I had exhausted by making Dan’s Scarf and Grant’s Hat (And there’s still more of it! It’s reproducing in the closet!), the same red wool as Marina’s vest, and more of the green merino that I used for this baby set.

I snapped this picture after sewing in all the ends, but forgot to take a picture after I sewed on the buttons.

Thankfully, my Aunt Mary sent me this extra cute one of the boys in their sweaters.

The sweaters are too big for now, which is actually perfect because there’s still a lot of autumn and winter to go. Poor warm weather babies. They’re in for a big surprise!

So. Works in progress?

In the short term:
– A scarf/shawl based on a pattern by Quincetart. I’m on row 29 of 35! My version definitely will need blocking, so I’ll share that adventure with you when the time comes. Making it out of wool from this sweater, actually.
– That prayer shawl I mentioned sometime this summer. It just needs blocking and a fringe edge, but I have some kind of block about blocking, I think.
– Oh, the purple cardigan of doom. I know I need to rip out the collar, but I really hate negative progress. Also, back loop only edging. I always seem to lose a stitch somewhere and discover my collar is narrower rows and rows later.

There are more, of course, but they’re hibernating. Including the companion cube. 😦 I’d love to see that finished, but chart work is more than I can handle lately.