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Okay, perhaps this is really called a cowl or a neck warmer or even just a disembodied turtleneck, but facehugger is much funnier to me at the moment.

All the knitting patterns I find most interesting require circular needles, and I’m not dedicated enough to the craft to go out and buy any. I have about six sizes of straight needles picked up at rummage sales but I’ve yet to see used circs anywhere.

So when I saw this beautifully knit cowl on a knitting blog*, I knew something like it would be perfect for Gene come winter.

I needed to come up with a crochet version since I still don’t have circular needles and I needed some kind of wool that would feel soft against the face.

The yarn was easy, I still had a big ball of the A&F grey 70% wool/ 20% nylon/ 10% cashmere left. I thought about incorporating cables, but they tend to pull and leave gaps. That’s the last thing you want when there’s a -10F windchill blowing in off the lake in February. Eventually I decided on ribbing using alternating pairs of front post dcs and back post dcs. The ribbing gives the fabric some elasticity. I hope this means it will stay put across his nose and mouth instead of slipping down.

It’s a little difficult to get on for me because I have to take off my glasses and negotiate it around my bun of hair, but I think it will work well for him!

*of which I’ve unfortunately forgotten the name. If you know, tell me and I’ll credit her immediately!