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I’ve been playing around some more with the grey fuzzy wool and koolaid.

On the left: 1 pack blue lemonade, 3 packs lemonade.
On the right: 1 cherry, 1 grape.

Although the yarn doesn’t seem to take up the color evenly, I still like how it’s coming out. Next up? Maybe a single pack of grape for some lavender or a mix of red and orange for something brighter.

As it turns out, the blue coloring in blue lemonade far overpowers the coloring in regular lemonade. The dye bath looked like this when I first mixed it.

And after the yarn had absorbed all the color? Blue, maybe with a slight teal tinge to it.

As I was making dinner, I threw the yarn back in the pot with two more packs of lemon. Made for a strange looking meal….

…but I think the first picture shows that it got me something much closer to what I was hoping for.