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A couple weeks ago, Gene’s mom surprised me with a few balls of wool yarn she’d found at a second hand store. The wool is lovely but a rather dull light grey/brown, which actually works in its favor. It makes the yarn perfect for dyeing with koolaid. Instructions for how to do this yourself can be found here and many other places around the internet.

Here I used one packet of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade koolaid. I like how it came out and that the yarn is impossibly soft feeling, not scratchy at all.

Not too sure how I feel about the hat, however. I know it will be very warm once the cold weather returns. I do like the ribbing because it seems it will stay on my head without bobby pins. It’s big enough to fit all my hair, even if up in a bun. And I’ll probably appreciate the color once the world is all brown and gray.

Even so, I think it looks a bit silly…