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My father reminded me about the book Danny and the Dinosaur when we were at the zoo the other day. I had forgotten about this childhood favorite, but since I think he read it to me a few hundred times, I’m sure he never will!

Since I’d been planning on making dinosaurs for Bonnie and Rich‘s twins, my father’s reminder was perfect. I had this bright green acrylic that wanted to become a dinosaur and I easily found a charming pattern for a long tailed dinosaur online. Here, actually.

The boys’ grandfather started playing with the green dino as I worked on the yellow one and now he wants one too. Thinking about it later, it only makes sense to make him another. How cool will it be to visit Grandpa and discover he has a dinosaur too?

These were seriously difficult to put in the mail, but my urge to play with them some more was in the end exceeded by the excitement of sharing them with Bonnie and Rich.

I still have at least one more to make from scrap yarn. Bright red or bright green? What do you think?