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On the plane back from my cousin’s wedding, I dropped my ipod cozy somewhere and couldn’t find it after we landed. No great loss. It was pretty much just a sheath whipped up out of some leftover wool after I realized the ipod was getting scratched in my bag. I always intended to make a better looking and better functioning one. The old one was a bit loose so the ipod would sometimes slip out and get scratched some more. Losing it was the perfect chance to make something I’d be happier with.

Earlier this week I relieved my grandmother of a bag of yarn scraps. This case uses up all the navy I could find and starts in on one of the many shades of light blue I now have. All acrylic worsted weight, which I realize is the least sophisticated of all yarns, but sometimes you just want something as simple and friendly as this.

I have a bunch of other little things I’m working up with these bright pieces (some very bright!) so you’ll be sure to see more of it soon.