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I had a successful day of thrifting this past Monday, including this charming dotted dress for $1. Three dresses – one with its original $49.99 tag still attached, a new black hoodie (tags for $20), a belt and a silk top. Oh, and a pretty teal shrug. And some ties. I think that’s it?

I suppose it’s time to be more public about my resolution to buy used for the next year. The exceptions are, of course, socks, undergarments and maybe shoes, if absolutely needed. And anything new and interesting on my trip back home in December.

Part of this comes out of the disappointing attempt I made to buy something new for my cousin’s wedding in June. Nothing I ordered fit and it was boring to begin with. In the end, I wore a dress I bought second hand and loved it. My most interesting clothes do not come from Target.

Thrifted dress, thrifted clutch purse

And thinking further, what have I actually bought new so far this year? Socks, undergarments, some basic tank tops and a pair of sandals.

This resolution may not change much about my buying habits, but it does free me from the urge to look. And that freedom is a great feeling!