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Finished (well okay, 99.9% finished) some little spider web gloves for Lex. I know Lex mostly through the internet, from reading her entertaining blog about her enchanted daily adventures. Thing is, we went to college together for 4 years. We frequented similar and overlapping social groups. Most of the time, I think I was just too in awe of her to talk to her.* The only conversation we may have ever had in person was about my new spider earrings. Which would be why when I saw this pattern, I immediately thought she’d like them.**

I’m not sure if it was finishing off these little gloves or trying to teach myself continental knitting, but my fingers ache a bit tonight. I’m putting off sewing in the last end on the gloves until I can find a needle and enough light tomorrow morning. Instead, I’ve picked up a long languishing shawl project that uses Lion Brand Homespun and an L hook.

This will be my fifth shawl to donate to the Prayer Shawl group at my church. Part of what’s taken me so long with it is that I’ve been trying to come up with a stitch pattern that’s interesting enough to keep me engaged in the project. My favorite so far has to be the one I made in a sedge stitch pattern that blocked out into something like zig-zags. I wanted to do this one in basket weave, but the resultant cloth after finishing an entire skein was so dense I’d need 5-6 skeins of yarn instead of the usual three. Unraveled that tonight, and plain old shell stitch it is, then.

Which is fine. I’m in a craft rut and in need of some inspiration. This will keep my hands busy until that happens.

*I did this with a lot of really interesting people in college, which in retrospect was silly. Not that I’m outgoing at all now, but I should have tried harder back then.
** I’m not sure what they’re for. Maybe they bestow spider-like super powers?