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I just finished a project that I promised to the owner of my local grocery store sometime last year – it’s been hanging over my head for months now and I finally sat down on Saturday and picked it up again. And it’s finished now, before the end of Monday night.

It’s a grocery bag crocheted out of plarn made from his store’s bags – difficult in part because I already have made two of them and I rarely need plastic bags from the store anymore. But between those days that I’ve forgotten my bags or stopped by on my way home from school or bought more than I expected to, I finally gathered enough to cut up for yarn.

Bonkers thought this one was a toy. I let him play so long as he didn’t rip it. I’d make a terrible mother.

I’ll take photos tomorrow when it’s light out.

The thing is, what do I move onto now? My works-in-progress at Ravelry are the spiderweb gloves, a long dormant sweater/dress/thing, the purple cardigan of doom, a pinstripe alpaca scarf, and the ongoing cotton granny squares.

My goodness, do I get to pick something new now?

Yes, yes, responsibility dictates I finish the spiderweb gloves, at the very least, and get something more done on that cardigan – but I think I’m allowed something wholly fresh too. How exciting!