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Over the past month or so I’ve been thinking about unraveling the bright green shrug I made last fall. It’s too big and slips off my shoulders, which I think isn’t particularly attractive. The amount of work involved in taking it apart, pulling out a couple inches, and then crocheting it all back together is rather unappealing, however.

Yes, you all know I’d much rather start something new than go back and fix a dormant project.

But after this afternoon, I’m starting to think about leaving it as it is. We headed out to an art fair in our neighborhood to look around – it turned out to be a much bigger event than I imagined it would be – and much much better than a silly art fair we went to last summer that demanded a $20 “donation” at the entrance. I grabbed this shrug out of the closet at the last minute because at 75F/24C, I get chilled in the shade.

I ended up getting 3-4 compliments on it from artists and fair attendees, which really surprised me. It’s such a simple project, too big and the ends have started to stick out from where I tried to sew them in. I think I was even wearing it inside out for part of the time.

Anyway, all of this actually has me thinking that something so simple, in a different lace pattern so I’m not violating copyright, could be something I make and sell someday. Obviously not about to change careers or buy into the fantasy that I’ll be able to support myself from etsy earnings, but I do have TON of recycled yarn and I certainly don’t need a dozen sweaters.

Yes, I think I might just open a shrug and dinosaur hat shop.**

*haha, I hope you have that Oliver! song stuck in your head now too.
**that will certainly help me finish my dissertation in a timely manner!