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Quincetart, of the charming Yarn and Spices, gave me a Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award spreads the word about lesser known blogs that deserve a little more attention. Since Gossycrafts gets most of its traffic from spambots, I’m excited to think one or two more real people a day might check things out here now!

I’m to nominate three of my favorite low traffic blogs (although I’m not sure how one determines others’ traffic, but we’ll leave that be for now), so, drumroll please….

Bonnie of Ink and Squid – For her refreshing sense of style, gorgeous photography, delectable food and squeee worthy babies.
Non-Trad of Non-Trad MD – For being scary smart and for her subtitle: Sneaking up on medicine while it’s not paying attention.
Igor of Igor’s bell tower – For amazing hair and hairstyles, along with practical, sensible ways of thinking about haircare.

Nominate other blogs if you think there are any I should be reading but haven’t found yet!