There’s little chance Will & Katie read this site, so I’m going to reveal their wedding present 3ish weeks in advance. Yes, I did give in and start/finish a new project in 2 days. I also wrote half of my presentation for Thursday, so there you go. Also I started a shawl that I hope to wear over the dress I find for their wedding ceremony. Yes, yes, another WIP. More on that later.

These potholders look far more amazing in the rainbow colors that are the featured photos on Ravelry, but I don’t have enough colors of wool for that. Also, Will & Katie met at college and he once asked me for a hat in his college colors. They seem to like their school.* School spirit potholders seemed like a good idea.

These are cute. Pattern link here, through Ravelry. I definitely will make more of these!

*Please, no one make me things in my schools’ colors. I’m not interested in those color combinations or school spirit.