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It’s a proper summer day here finally (84F/29C with 59% humidity) and I found myself nearly paralyzed with the plethora warm weather options for clothing when I got dressed this morning.

I also found this piece, which I hesitate to call a dress in its original form. Since I have a firm resolution to go through life without any pictures of my butt making it up on the internet, I won’t show you a side view. Instead, my finger is pointing at the terminus of the side slits in the picture below.

I realize it’s a tunic and I have worn it over long skirts before, but the length and the material make it a little awkward. Know what’s more awkward? This came out of Gene’s mother’s closet and she told me just to wear tights under it. O_O

Sewed up the sides, raised the hem to a little bit above the knee, and brought it in under the arms a bit. The last modification was the least successful. Not very good at dealing with bodice shaping yet. But at least the dress is functional for summer wear now!