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It’s the last full week of May and I’m actually really happy that I made this neck warmer two weeks ago. I’ve been wearing it around the apartment since the heat isn’t on much, even though it’s in the 50s (F. single digits C). It’s light, but adds a little warmth, and soft (10% cashmere). I think once upon a time it was an A&F sweater so I consider this a significant improvement.

I made this because my fingers are itching for a new project and this was small enough to finish in an afternoon.

In works in progress news, the anti-nail biting granny squares are ongoing. I think I have 25 now.

The purple cardigan of doom is progressing slowly because I’m a little worried about how the collar is going to lay. Also, the endless rows of double crochet ribbing are getting to me.

The alpaca scarf is pretty much finished except for the decorative surface crochet. Oh, and the spiderweb gloves are just missing a spiderweb.

Everything is so close to completion, I know, but I just wish they were more interesting. I may make a few wool pot holders as a wedding gift for my cousin. Those are fast and relatively uninvolved.