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Two weeks ago, a car-full of us headed up north to a massive biannual church rummage sale in a wealthy neighborhood. I made the rookie mistake of not eating enough beforehand, which left me without enough energy to dig through all the piles of clothing and bins of scarves and belts – but I really like what little I did come away with.

In terms of clothing, I have a new wool skirt that needs to be taken in slightly, a wraparound sleeveless top, and an adorable red striped cover up.
I passed on an ugly flowery dress that fit me perfectly, a move which I’m still regretting. I’m convinced it was ugly enough to be cute again, in a ridiculous way, but opinions of my companions and the rummage sale volunteers were so divided that I put it back. Drat.

I think my hunger and its resultant crankiness made me extra picky because when it came to looking for sweaters to unravel, I passed on a number of XL mens’ sweaters in wool or cotton. I had the impression that Shetland wool was something fancy, but goodness were those sweaters scratchy! I know you can wash them with conditioner, but I’ve had less scratchy yarns need two baths in Suave Tropical Coconut before I found them acceptable. Digging around some more, I touched something oh so soft, which I pulled out to inspect in the hopes it wasn’t just acrylic.

Out came this navy blue sweater knit in a fingering weight yarn. Perfect, non serged seams. No label in the back of the neck. But a label in the side, which the rummage sale volunteers had missed: 100% pure cashmere. Heavenly! I just measured the yarn in one sleeve: about 400 yds. swoon

Lastly, I stopped by the yarn and sewing room. Didn’t find any buttons this year and I didn’t have the patience to look through boxes and boxes of old patterns (again, kicking myself over this too) but I came away with three kinds of yarn. About 1500 yds of blue wool fingering weight, 200g of bright red wool in a light fingering weight and two cones of this mystery teal thread – as I discovered, even thinner than size 10 crochet cotton.

Google tells me nothing about this and the more I think about it, the less I know what to do with all this! Any ideas?