When I was very little, I fell in love with dinosaurs. It’s probably because we had this book about them called The Day of the Dinosaur , pieces of which my father and I can still recite to each other. My amazing grandmother, who might have hoped to make me girly knit gifts, found a pattern for dinosaur vests and let me pick out the colors. Somewhere buried in the boxes at my parents’ house are vests sporting a tyrannosaurus with bright red eyes and a brontosaurus*.

After making wholly predictable baby presents for those two showers, I needed to find something special for Bonnie and Rich’s boys. I’m not sure when inspiration struck, maybe when I realized I don’t have any baby animal colored yarn or when I saw dinosaur amigurumi, but it struck hard. I sat there giggling at my computer about my idea for these baby hats.

These will be much cuter on crawling and toddling babies, of course.

In terms of construction, the triceratops hat was more difficult than the stegosaurus. For the latter, I made 4 big triangles and 2 small and sewed them in a line. The horns on the former, however required more thought.

Eventually I used a safety cone pattern.
For the little one, I only increased to twelve stitches around and then stopped. For the two bigger ones, I increased to twelve and then worked 4 rows without increases.

The ridge I just eyeballed and ended with *sc, sk 2, 5 dc in next sc, sk 2*, repeated to the end. I thought about how I might describe it to someone as I worked it and I can’t do any better than that. Man, that ridge almost made me give up on the whole thing and make another Stegosaurus. If you want to make your own, maybe you can figure it out from this photo:

*whose details I can’t remember. You know, because it was a boring plant eater instead of a tyrant lizard!