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I felt kind of guilty all the while as I unraveled this sweater, although perhaps less so now that I’ve pulled out the sole photo of me wearing it. Green 100% merino wool, made in Ireland, this sweater DID NOT want to come apart. And then I discovered, to my horror, that while the sides and the sleeves (from the armpit to the wrist) were sewn with good seams, the shoulders and sleeves were serged. This means that the top of each sleeve, the top of the back, and the top of both sides down to the good seams were unusable. So much yarn seemingly wasted…..

I did manage to save some of the serged pieces and turn them into useful things. More on those projects later.

So, I was invited to a baby shower at a mansion. I’m not going to attend* but I am sending a gift. And the invitation was kind enough to specify that baby boy’s nursery colors are green and brown. Like the forest, I imagine. I hope he grows up to be Robin Hood**.

I started with the booties and hat. Then on Wednesday, Gene’s mom mentioned she’d told the grandmother/mansion resident that I’d be making something great. Crud, hat and booties just weren’t going to be enough. So I made another hexagon sweater. It only took me two days and I even found some more wooden buttons. I hope it lives up to the hype.

*Why? It’s far away, Gene’s mom won’t be there, and I satisfied my curiosity by attending their Halloween party last year.
**Darnit, now it occurs to me I should have made a little pointed hat. Also, the irony of him growing up to be Robin Hood would be just hilarious.