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A friend of mine from high school, who I only keep in contact via Facebook, announced her pregnancy back in December and her impatience with having to wait until March to find out the baby’s sex. She couldn’t decorate the nursery until then, she said. A friend of hers commented, “You could always go with yellow or green. Those work for boys and girls.”

“We were thinking of going with traditional colors,” she replied. Sigh*.

At least it gives me a chance to get this pink out of my stash!

Admittedly, this dress is adorable. The pattern can be found here. I’d prefer to have made it in a pretty bright green, but
1) I don’t have any, and this is about clearing out my stash, and
2) Green isn’t traditionally a girl color.

The hat is based off of a pattern called Vintage Baby Bonnet (link goes to Ravelry, which requires registration). I used an H (5.00mm) hook instead of the 2.00mm hook called for and went up to only 7 dc per shell, not nine. I wanted to use up the last of the pink, so I abandoned the pattern after the tenth round and did one row of pink shells, 11 dc per shell. Then a row of single crochet and finished with a row of reverse single crochet (aka crab stitch).

I LOVE reverse single crochet.

Oh! I almost forgot. I have only 60 inches of the pink yarn left. I consider my quest to use it up on this project a total success.

*I’d much rather make gender neutral baby presents. Let the babies be babies for a while, you know?