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(Image credit: Crochet Me Blog; Interweave Crochet Spring Issue)

I’m falling more in love with making granny squares. They’re sweet little pieces with which one can do marvelous things with color and oh so quick to make. Another thing, however. They’re so easy to make that I can do them mostly without looking, which means I can do them while reading. Which keeps me from biting my finger nails.

When I catch myself nibbling, I have a ball of white cotton and an F hook nearby. 5 rounds works out to a 4 inch square and the eventual plan is to dye some and make them into a patchwork blanket, one inspired by the photo above.

This is an ongoing slow project that I’m in no hurry to finish, but happy to have around to pick up now and then. I’m interested to see how many squares I can get out of one sleeve from this cotton sweater.

10 so far!