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When erin admired the red beret I was making for Ramona back in December, I promised to make her one also, hat #9 in this entry. Although, since I made two worry hats before it, I guess it ended up being hat #11. Anyway, the real news here is that I finally finished it up two weeks ago and dropped it in the mail for her. It’s difficult to show how truly bright this yarn is – I’ve actually desaturated my photos a little bit just so you can actually see the final products.

Essentially, it’s just a giant circle the size of a dinner plate then reduced down to head circumference by 3 rows of decreases. The pattern can be found here.

When working on it one afternoon at Gene’s parents’ house, his mom gushed over how gorgeous the yarn was. I reminded her that she had bought the yarn for me about a year ago on a trip to Bhutan (it’s made in India, however). Out of guilt over not having started her sweater, I was about to volunteer to make her another beret when I realized I might not have enough yarn for one more.

Mulling over what to do with the remainder, I decided to make her a neck warmer. I started with a lace pattern from mypicot.com (pattern here) and then just added a shell edging. I also used my last two wooden buttons, the same ones that went on Marina’s sweater.

Pretty cute, hm?.

As I looked over my ravelry queue, I noticed a pattern that I’d completely forgotten about. It’s a detachable collar to go over plain shirts or sweaters. I figured that since she loved the red, maybe she’d be able to incorporate it into some outfit. And since it took only about an hour to make, I may make another for myself to play around with. Maybe made in a lighter weight yarn/thread it could end up as a necklace.

Gene’s mom loved the sparkly button. I’d hope so. She’s the one who gave it to me.