Two Christmases ago, I made circular shrugs for my mom and Gene’s mom. I’d made one for myself a couple months before. After making three in as many months, I couldn’t have been more sick of that pattern, although I loved its final products.

Last fall, when Gene’s mom handed me a giant bag of purple yarn and asked me to make another version of the sweater, but longer, I really didn’t know where to begin. The circular sweater pattern doesn’t lend itself to increased length without messing up the sleeves.

I figured I’d have to make a pieced long cardigan and then add the ribbed neckline Although I posted my scrawled schematic drawings here a couple of months ago, I never progressed much further. Finally, in January, I found a pattern that looked like it had enough potential to guide me as I designed according to her wishes, but it didn’t really feel right either.

Never mind. Last night after a long day of running around doing last minute work for a professor, I pulled out my trusty H hook (since when have I used something so large??) and started on the back piece. I made it through about 3 inches, wondering all the while if I’d made it wide enough for seams, or so wide that it would look awful and bulky, and how on earth would I do the sleeve shaping – when I set my hook down and thought:

Why am I not making this top-down in one piece?

Ridiculous. I’ll unravel the back (again) and start on the raglan shaping tonight. Then I can see exactly how the sweater fits as I’m working on it and not end up with pile of pieces to sew together in the end.

Yay progress!